5000 kilometres across Europe

The date is May 2015, and our operator Ben has been hard at work on the roads of Norway for the past couple of weeks. Using Track Line’s high-pressure jet machine, he has been removing road markings for a Norwegian road marking company. The job covers several hundreds of kilometres. Ben will be busy for a few weeks yet.

Tight schedule
In the mean time, things have also been moving at Track Line. New projects are being booked, in the Netherlands, in Germany and as far afield as Izmir in Turkey. Nice, but it does pose a few planning challenges. How are we going to manage everything? We decide to combine a number of projects. The Norway job is well ahead of schedule. This means that we will be able to take some time off there to deploy our men and equipment elsewhere.

On Friday, 3 July, our operator Ben left Bergen in Norway with the water-jetting machinery. That Saturday evening he arrived in Leerdam. The weekend was used to do the necessary maintenance on the equipment. Once the visas and transport documents had been received, two drivers took to the road on Monday. They were due to arrive in Bari, Italy on Wednesday evening to catch the ferry to Greece from where they would continue into Turkey.

En route
En route to Bari more work was waiting. On Monday evening, the Track Line team first finished a project at Zusmarshausen in Germany. At a distance of 655 kilometres from Leerdam 5,600 m² of concrete road surface was reconditioned and all markings removed. After a hard day’s work the drivers set off for the second leg of their long voyage. Another 2,800 kilometres to go to Izmir. Having made the crossing from Italy to Greece, after a 5,000 kilometre trip the jetting machinery finally reaches the Turkey border on 9 July at 8 p.m. Ready to roll!