Barcelona – airport El Prat

Luchthaven El PratA thousand miles. That’s the distance between Barcelona’s airport El Prat and The Netherlands. This does not keep Track Line’s Ben Zijderveld from doing his job. Last December and January the operator
worked many consecutive nights to renew thousands of square meters of asphalt in Spain.

While in Spain, Ben has little time for an interview. His machinery needs to keep running, putting in the hours. If we do speak with him, Ben has been working relentlessly for days to renew the taxiway of the airport so that airplanes are able to land and take off safely. Therefore, all symbols have to be removed from the taxiway using water jetting. A job for Track Line.

A great job
Ben reckons it is one of his ‘biggest jobs ever’. ‘18.000 square meters, 75.000 litres of water and 30 nights of work. Some symbols measure up to 180 square meters, that is huge.’ The operator works in the quiet of the night, but does not slack for a moment. He is always focused. ‘Our equipment cleans with a water pressure of 2.500 bar, that’s an unprecedented force. So you need to pay attention at all times.’ But above all, he wants to do a great job, over and over again. Because the stakes are high, not just on this airport, but on every job that Track Line does. Safety is key, always. Ben: ‘Our client requires an undamaged surface after cleaning and that is what we’ll deliver, using our special equipment. Also, all the marking material that comes of the asphalt is being carefully disposed of, in a sustainable matter.’

This is one of Ben’s last tasks, before he finishes his work in Spain and embarks on a new adventure. That could be in The Netherlands, in Europe or anywhere else on the world. He knows his way everywhere, just as Track Line does. Just do it – that’s what makes us tick.