Road markings


Are you looking for hard-wearing, long-lasting road markings? Then thermoplastic is the perfect material. Thermoplastic is long-lasting and offers excellent non-skid properties and reflectivity throughout its service life, which – depending on traffic intensity – can be up to seven years.

Long life, excellent reflectivity

Thermoplastic is a synthetic material that becomes liquid when heated (at approximately 180 °C). This makes it easy to apply to asphalt using special equipment or moulds. The material offers excellent non-skid properties and high reflectivity thanks to the addition of special materials, including glass beads. Thermoplastic markings are also suitable for application to concrete if the surface is prepared with a special adhesive primer.


  • long service life (up to 7 years)
  • quick-drying (a few minutes)
  • easy to apply by machine or moulds
  • suitable for line markings, graphics and relief markings
  • suitable for various surfaces, from asphalt to concrete


  • reduced reflectivity when wet
  • shorter service life than cold plastic

Cold plastic

Few materials can beat cold plastic when it comes down to wear resistance and service life. The material is very hard-wearing and suitable for various surfaces. Cold plastic is a cold-curing component material and highly resistant to heavy traffic loads. Cold plastic markings are usually applied using special equipment.


  • very long service life
  • suitable for various surfaces
  • suitable for ‘type 2’ markings
  • suitable for line markings and graphics


  • Longer drying time (approximately 30 minutes)

Spray plastic

When thermoplastic is applied by spraying, it is known as spray plastic. Spray plastic markings tend to be thinner, which affects their durability; these markings have a service life of approximately four years. The main advantage of spray plastic is its extremely short drying time: the material can take traffic within 30 seconds of application! This minimises traffic disruption when applying markings. Spray plastic is suitable for line markings and is used as an alternative to road paint.


  • thin layer
  • super fast drying (30 seconds)
  • longer service life than road paint


  • unsuitable for graphics (limited to machine application)
  • limited service life

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