Art in Groningen

Purpose: to highlight an unusual traffic situation while maintaining the thoroughfare nature of the Oostersingel in Groningen.

Contracted by Royal Sjouke Dijkstra, Track Line created a true work of art on the Oostersingel in the municipality of Groningen.

To draw the attention of motorists to the speed limit in this zone, which is crossed by many cyclists, the design includes oversize markings in a bright colour.

The markings reading “50” when applied measure 6 metres across.

The striking design, in which parts of the “50” speed limit marking have been omitted, aims to stimulate motorists to think about the meaning of the road markings.

The design uses a bright colour (RAL 3009) to add to the warning function.

As you can see, we even do art.

Project data

MATERIAL:Reibeplast Ral 3009