Municipality of Waalwijk – Veerweg

Various traffic flows have been clearly separated by Track Line.

Commissioned by the Municipality of Waalwijk, Van Wijlen BV has reconstructed the Veerweg in Sprang Capelle. A full new top layer has been applied and the crossings have been updated with speed bumps. The Veerweg is a popular route for cyclists and agricultural traffic. In order to accommodate both these types of traffic safely, the design brief called for non-exclusive cycle path markings to be applied. The use of these markings not only makes the traffic situation much easier to understand for each group of traffic participants, is also improves the safety of cyclists. Once the top layer had been laid down, the markings were applied. To ensure a sufficient level of safety both during the day and at night, a thermoplast 50-50% dashed line has been added to outline the cycle path markings, and piano key markings have been applied to the speed bumps. Finally, the cycle paths were coated using Track Line Tyregrip.

Track Line Tyregrip is a flexible epoxy coating containing a layer of JFF porphyry. The use of Track Line Tyregrip ensures that the road surface will maintain its high-quality finish to provide safety to cyclists for years to come. Cyclists know they are safe with Tyregrip.

Project data

Project:Reconstruction of the Veerweg Sprang Capelle
Client:Municipality of Waalwijk
Contractor:Van wijlen bv sprang capelle
Marking:3 km dashed line, 50-50%
Tyregrip:4300 m2
Warranty:10 years