From marking to art

The Ziggo Dome concert venue has rapidly become as well-known as the Amsterdam Arena. The Ziggo Dome hosts events with national and international artists with audiences of thousands. To enhance the experience of visitors to the Amsterdam Arena and Ziggo Dome, the central plaza was given a major makeover. An architect made a design using thousands of dots which together form an equaliser image representing music.

Ziggo Dome Amsterdam Arena 3Conditions

This was a very special assignment, and Track Line knew exactly how to tackle it. The client presented a strict set of conditions. The work had to be done by day. No work could be done during major events. During the work the surrounding area had to remain accessible. In addition the client imposed strict criteria regarding the quality of the dots. They had to be hard-wearing as well as skid-proof, as the safety of visitors needed to be ensured at all times. These are all conditions that Track Line takes in its stride.


It goes without saying that each of the dots had to be the right size and in the right location. Every detail had to be exactly right for the equaliser to emerge. Armed with the architect’s design, a detailed drawing, tape measures, balls of twine, pieces of chalk and a magnifying glass, the Track Line team set to work. It’s best to come well prepared. Once a dot is placed, there is no shifting it! We marked out spacing lines, measured in every direction, and rechecked the dimensions of every dot. Only when every detail was right could we start to put the dots in place.

Work of art

Track Line decided to use prefabricated markings for the project. They came readily supplied in all the required dimensions and they are hard-wearing and stable. And what’s also very important, they come with permanent ant-skid properties. Koos van Silfhout, Track Line employee: “You need to keep your wits about you, because it’s so easy to put a dot in the wrong place in such a jumble, and that would ruin the entire pattern.” The Track Line workers received ample attention from visitors, too, with many people pausing to guess what the myriads of dots were supposed to look like. Koos: “We were asked every kind of question by visitors both Dutch and foreign. Most of them wanted to know what the picture was going to be. We really enjoyed all the attention.”

EqualiserZiggo Dome Amsterdam Arena 2

After six days of concentrated measuring, marking and applying dots, a fantastic work of art has emerged. The equaliser image composed of more than 2,000 white dots is iconic for the Ziggo Dome entrance. Jan Meerkerk of Track Line: “It is not an everyday project, but it certainly is a project that enabled Track Line to show that there is no job we cannot tackle. Bring on the challenges!”