Track Line Tyregrip – features

Give cyclists the benefit of Track Line Tyregrip so they can ride in comfort and safety. Track Line Tyregrip – safe cycle lanes for years to come.


  • Longer service life
    Track Line Tyregrip is a long-lasting coating with an expected lifespan of 10 years.
    The coating is highly wear-resistant and can handle heavy and intensive traffic loads. Track Line Tyregrip maintains its non-skid surface quality. Even the effects of high-friction traffic on e.g. roundabouts are negligible. Track Line Tyregrip is UV-resistant and retains its colour throughout its service life to provide high visibility to all road users.
  • Seamless means safe
    The Track Line Tyregrip coating can be applied to new or existing asphalt. The use of a single coating creates a seamless transition between the main traffic and the cycle lane. This helps to prevent safety hazards. With Track Line Tyregrip you can be assured of a straight and safe cycle lane without any seams, splits or cracks.
  • Minimum inconvenience
    The processing time of Track Line Tyregrip is short, so cycle lanes can soon be back in service and roads can rapidly be reopened to traffic.
  • Endless possibilities
    Track Line Tyregrip is the perfect solution to create a professional finish to any other surface in addition to cycle lanes. The range of possibilities is endless.

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