Up north

Tropical heat up north
Early July 2015. Track Line is commissioned to take on project N33. This is the road linking Assen and Siddeburen. Over 60 kilometres of lines need to be applied. A nice job up north.

Making tracks
Track Line is called in to complete the job over three consecutive weekends in July. A total of over 60 kilometres of line markings need to be applied, some 40 kilometres of which will use agglomerate (a 3-component material with an open structure that prevents water accumulating on the markings). Over 6 kilometres of line markings will use Cold Spray Plastic, and the remaining kilometres will be marked using thermoplastic. As you know, it takes more than a few kilometres of line markings to throw Track Line off balance. We know our strength lies in doing lots of work in little time. And the high quality you have come to expect from us is of course a given. This is the kind of project Track Line lives for.

A challenge
According to the initial planning, the N33 road will be at our disposal every weekend until Monday morning 5 a.m. No traffic. It soon transpires that this time window is based on a misunderstanding, and that the N33 will only be closed until 3 a.m. each Monday morning. This reduces the number of operational hours quite a bit. On top of that, the weather forecast is not going to help, as we will need to take into account temperature of up to 35 and even 40 degrees! Such high temperatures mean that the newly applied asphalt will take much longer to cool, so it will take longer than normal before the new road surface will be able to support the Track Line road marking machinery. All in all, plenty of challenges!

Off we go. On Saturday morning at 10 o’clock the Track Line lorries and marking machinery leave Leerdam to set route for the North. At 1 p.m. we arrive and get down to work marking out, dotting and filling up the machines, and at 2:30 p.m. we are putting down the first lines. It is always a great moment when the first lines are drawn. The teams are working at a fast and steady pace, and at 10 p.m. it’s time to pack up. The result is over 12 kilometres of agglomerate lines. A satisfying feeling.

Two more weekends to go. Again the teams manage to turn in record performances. This is the kind of job that is a perfect fit for Track Line: lots of work in little time. Teams, we are proud of you!